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  • Fast Approval 24HR your file goes to the Lender right away!
  • Transparency on all terms of the loan
  • Flexible Terms
  • No Down Payments
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • We Package the deal so lender can underwrite and approve faster
  • Our team is always communicating on your behalf with lender
  • We just don’t give our Customers Financing we Educate them as well

What types of Equipment can be Leased or Financed?

  • Trucks, Trailers, Straight Trucks, Reefers, Flatbeds
  • Dump Trucks, Bottom Feeders, Hydraulic Lift
  • Construction Heavy Equipment
  • Manufacturing & Industry Equipment
  • Hotel & Restaurant Equipment
  • Health, Dental, and Personal Care
  • Mechanical and Farming Equipment
  • Computer software

What type of Financing is right for me Loan or Lease?

Lease To Own

Leasing is one of the most worldwide used methods of financing equipment and machinery for commercial business purposes. Leasing is a method of funding that gives
you various advantageous, and practical use. It is a great financial tool to acquire equipment assets for personal, business, and commercial industrial use with flexibility.

Benefits of Leasing:

  • Equipment Asset Ownership
  • Can Upgrade or Trade-in Equipment
  • Covers Soft Costs (tax, tires, warranty, etc.)
  • Can write off tax as it is expense based
  • Conserve your cashflow capital
  • Equipment paid off as you use it
  • Maintain your Line of Credit for other expenses
  • Tax Deferred

What are the Interest Rates?

We make it our task to provide the most competitive leasing interest rates
available. Rates are dependent upon the customer’s credit profile, length of time
in business and industry, as well as on the type of equipment, size of transaction
and term/structure of the lease.

How much Down Payment is required?

For customers who meet the minimum credit and length of time in business
requirements, no down payment is needed. On execution of the lease, an
amount equal to first and last month’s lease payment with a small documentation
fee is all that is required.

Is any Security or Collateral Required?

Based on your credit profile and length of time in your business industry we do
not require any security collateral for your equipment financing.